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Deep within the inky abyss of space traps our protagonist, SpaceGuy, trapped and alone, and no way home. After an accident, SpaceGuy is left in space without any fuel, so it's up his wits and the force of his firearms to bring him back home. It's never easy when an array of dastardly creatures close in, but when these monsters are your only source of fuel, you'll take what you can get.

This is a very early build of SpaceGun, which itself is a working title. The earliest part of SpaceGun is easily the art, but that should be changing soon. I'm currently joining forces with artists but I'm still willing to collaborate with someone new. Music provided by the talented and beautiful iwilldevouryourkittens. Shooting(pun intended) for a 2016 full release.

Install instructions

Downloading should be EZPZ. Just run the executable and should run just fine.



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